My biggest secret is that I operate a lot of times in fear...



My biggest secret is that I operate a lot of times in fear. I have spent bright days in emotional basements, compliant to complacency, having made fear-based decisions on a life I struggle to learn as I live it. And because of this I have crucified myself ritually.

My truth is that I am broken in many, many invisible ways but there has been no renewal more triumphant than finding reason, be it large or small, to celebrate being alive!!

I celebrate my life sometimes in solitude, in my video work, in my friendships/relationships, in boy on boy kissing because I love to kiss— I am successful in these places.

What I have discovered is that the reward for endurance is a deeper appreciation for the journey had. There is no lesson so insurmountable that it doesn’t teach.

Because #WhatIKnowForSure is that even when I’m convinced I have wronged myself with either poor decision making, self doubt and/or fear—I am learning! I revel in knowing that what has made me out to seem my worst enemy has secretly been teaching me that, instead, I am truly my greatest love.


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